“Cash in your App Ideas”


Have a creative app idea and looking for an investor? Look no more AppFund is all you need.

Start by submitting your app idea directly to AppFund. The idea is then passed through a series of tests and reviews, and on approval, DMU invests in the design, development, deployment, and marketing of the app.

If you are interested, then read on through the checklist below.

Does your app suggest any from the ideas below:

  • Small business B2B, Enterprise and B2C solutions
  • Platforms for unique streaming of OTT content delivery
  • Co-operative entertainment consumption
  • VR and AR
  • Machine Learning & AI
  • Social networking around GPS Location Services, which are related to shared experiences, shopping, connections, and dating
  • Gateway integrations which include Bitcoin, Peer to Peer, and other Cryptocurrencies
  • Everyday apps that benefit the car, house, & office
  • Applications for wearable devices
  • Website based applications

Applications for everyday life and ones that benefit businesses are given preference, with significance to ideas that:

  • Focus on urban dwellers and early adopters
  • Focus on users between 16-39 years of age with top-grade wages
  • Has a longer shelf life
  • With the ability to go trending
  • Ability to integrate audio, payments, interactivity, live streaming video, gaming, and other abilities

Using AppFund an app idea generator such as you could be provided as much as $5K to get an idea started to up, to $1M that supports design development, deployment and marketing.

So what are you waiting for? Share your app idea and get funded today!

Submit your App Ideas