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“Take your pace beyond digital transformation”

We build a new generation of ERP that helps organizations enhance efficiency and decision-making processes.

Why build your processes with DMU ERP solutions?

Strategic Partnerships

Our partnerships focus on bringing quality and innovative solutions that enable our clients to automate all their work processes.

Business Knowledge

Our high levels of knowledge in several business acquisitions, their documentation, validation, and evaluation enable our clients to meet needs beyond their target.

System Implementation

With strategic planning, we execute proper installation, along with the configuration of solutions that meet the client’s exact needs.

Business Consulting

We help our clients select the finest technology that best suits their business requirements, and is within their budget.

Certified Teams

All of our certified teams are licensed. From time to time, we invest in the latest strategic technology solutions that support our teams in meeting the quality standards expected of any service.


We organize incessant training of our team in order to maximize ideas, drive innovation and inculcate the necessary skills required to deal with present and future challenges.

Oracle NetSuite:

DMU with Oracle NetSuite is a global provider of cloud-based Financials/ERP and Omnichannel commerce solutions. The services we provide has been designed to assist global enterprises in dealing with industry, regulatory and tax needs including complex functional requirements.

Our professional services provide a variety of listings that are customized to suite varied customer needs:


This is an industry cloud solution that comes with a new customer engagement model and business optimization method that is made all in one. It is an effort to combine the NetSuite unified suite industry leading practices to help achieve the above engagement model.


Our team of experts will work with the client to customize and provide the client with planning, budgeting, workflows, and integrations.


Tailor made services are put into place for companies that deal with more complex transactions and processes.


DMU with Oracle Netsuite is committed to working with you for the long run. We work with different types of companies all around the globe, and industries of all sizes, from start-up, to emerging, to midmarket, to corporate.

We work hard to fulfil your company needs right from seeing your company go-live, adjusting for improvements for implementation and implementing a new module that meets your unique business requirements.

“Take your pace beyond digital transformation”

We build a new generation of ERP that helps organizations enhance efficiency and decision-making processes.


Sage ERP software platform provides you with perception into several aspects of your business from HR to inventory management including financial management. On implementing an ERP system, you’ll be able to recognize areas that require enhancement and help make cost-effective choices. This provided you with the potential you need to take your company to the next level.
An ERP as such should meet the needs of different divisions of employees, and bring both the back-office and front-office together.


Sage speeds up the entire business process right from warehousing, procurement to production, sales, financial management, and customer service. Providing a quicker insight into performance and costs step by step on a global scale.


Sage platform readjusts itself to unique preferences and roles and helps derive your own personal workflow. The areas worked on are then delivered to the cloud and mobile access to the data is given as per need. This helps streamline the management of your company software infrastructure with one unified suite of applications.


Sage proposes alterable configuration choices and applications to support your industry-specific processes. It can be run in the Cloud –managed by Sage –, or in your company data center, helping you take control over your complete IT strategy.

Enhance your Business Value with a Global Overview Using DMU!

Better Decision-Making

ERP with DMU provides centralized information management solutions that can process, improve, and support you to make the best business decision.

Global Overview of Resources

Solutions at DMU allow you to display all your assets, resources and operations behaviour in real-time.

High Profitability

At DMU we offer solutions that reduce redundant practices and keep your business soaring with operational efficiency.

DevOps Culture

Employees at DMU work with a 100% commitment to DevOps culture ensuring responsiveness and speedy software development.


Experts at DMU build and design tailored products and services depending on your needs.

Customer Experience Management

DMU provides quality customer interaction with your organization in relation to process management, marketing, sale, and other aspects that guarantee the information you need to improve your services.

Primary Users of SAGE

Sage offers influential solutions that are more inexpensive and resourceful than out-of-date ERP software and helps run a small or medium business. The platform helps manage your day-to-day operations and give you the perceptions you need to scale and grow.
It finds importance in industries such as marketing, IT, finance, purchasing, warehousing, manufacturing, distribution, and so on.

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