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“Digital Revolution for the Contemporary Workplace”

Empower business evolution through Microsoft technology.


DMU is one of the top Microsoft Cloud Service Providers, and is a premier partner aligned with Microsoft’s mission to empower every business to achieve more. DMU has years of understanding systematising and relating Microsoft solutions as a Microsoft Partner. We make available to our clients with the most up-to-date technology solutions that drive efficiency, innovation, and increased revenue.

Boost Your Entire Productivity!

SharePoint fosters team collaboration in terms of sharing files, and data among the users easily from any location any time, hence, increase the total productivity.


The tool has the ability to migrate content directly from multiple sources from the different or the same version of SharePoint to another Online.

100% Security

The security team members are always alert to ensure your solution is secured whether on PCs, Macs and mobile devices across the entire in and out of your organization.

Improve Productivity

Increase productivity by simplifying all complex operational tasks with an automation process.

Easy Integration

Office 365 components such as Power BI, Power Apps or Flow can be integrated with SharePoint sites.

Minimize Cost

Reduction of infrastructure cost with the aid of a hybrid cloud environment with high-performance levels

Task Automation

Time is saved and better spent on other aspects when tasks are automated

“A Smart Management Solution!”

Microsoft Dynamics technology combines CRM and ERP capabilities to ensure centralization dispersed databases and intelligent management.


Quick accesses to the company’s information, assets live from anywhere and anytime.


Facilitate better management of the entire lifecycle of your operating resources and other assets.


Respond in real-time.


It guarantees better results by linking data.

Asset Management

Option to view the performance of your assets.

Predictive Maintenance

A great impact on your services and products through proactive maintenance, smart repair, and predictive scheduling.

Access the information you need from any location

Enjoy the full benefit from up-to-the-minute technological innovations of Microsoft Cloud Services and access information optimally with Microsoft Dynamics.

“Store Valuable Customer Assets for Life”

Microsoft CRM enables you to sell faster and interact with sales leads, clients, and team members efficiently. Microsoft CRM is a flexible and scalable software platform with an open-source Salesforce alternative.

Increase Engagement

Enable easy and fast information flow between your team and customers, increasing productivity and gain competitive advantage.

Streamline Business Processes

Microsoft CRM is designed to help you obtain information at your disposal and solve customers’ issues quicker. It facilitates communication with your team, and stakeholders without difficulty.

Mobile tools

Microsoft CRM is an integration of mobile tools that enable your team to be competitive in the field and serve your customers to their satisfaction. With mobile devices, customers can be attended to from anywhere, at any time.

Data Access

Built with a simple database for each employee, partner, and customer to access the resources and application with ease. The platform suits the need to manage their own personal data using a self-service portal.

Drive Change

For companies and organizations to embrace the digital world in a safe, secure and efficient manner, DMU products use 100% open source codes that are committed to contributing all new codes to the public domain as well.

Improves Customer Service

Retrieval of customer’s contacts to your company, activities concerning past purchases, preferences, and other information is made easy with CRM solutions.

“The Trusted Solution for All types of Businesses “

We have the most secure, flexible and robust software development environment in the areas of Microsoft .NET framework. We support multiple programming languages and libraries which work with a full-scale application that suffices most business needs. Our customers are pleased with the framework as it has a number of inbuilt functionalities, they are capable of developing large and complex applications that increases the speed of coding and reduces development costs in turn.

Our .NET Development Services:

  • We provide powerful solutions that serve the business context
  • Data management solution development with reporting & analysis
  • NET Product development, maintenance, and support
  • Custom Tailored Microsoft .NET based third party products or solutions
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration, customization, and configuration
  • Bespoke desktop and web application development
  • Legacy application re-engineering with .NET
  • Third-party system or tool integration & customization
  • Windows phone application development
  • Flexible business engagement model with committed .NET resources

.NET Application Development Experience

  • Business Intelligence Applications
  • Financial Management Systems
  • GPS Tracking Systems
  • Human Resource Management Systems
  • ERP Solutions
  • E-business Solutions
  • E-commerce Applications
  • E-learning Solutions
  • SaaS Development
  • Competitive Intelligence Tools
  • Job portal and Recruitment Solutions
  • Point Of Sale Systems
  • Security Surveillance Applications
  • Social Networking Websites
  • Reporting Systems for Natural Resources and Mining Industries with Real-time Analysis
  • Integration Of SAGE ERP
  • Internet, Intranet and Extranet Portals for Corporate Companies

“For Data Insights in Minutes”

Benefit from our analytics tools that best suit your organization’s needs, exposing a whole new dimension to your business insights.

Secure Access

Data transfer between Power BI and the gateway is highly secured on-premises or in the cloud, since it is merged from various sources.


Q&A can be used for natural language querying of data models to automatically gain insights.

Easy Integration

Data from SQL Server, Excel files, SharePoint, can be imported, and reports exported by integrating machine learning models.


Share dashboards with workers, and restriction to who can share it.

Full Access to Data

Increased report visualization capabilities using custom visuals, R-visuals besides standard objects.


Power BI dashboards, reports with native mobile apps for Android, Windows, and iOS are accessible.

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