Taking the Load off Your Shoulders

With several projects that are constantly being undertaken in different parts of the globe, there’s a need to deploy skilled professionals to complete assigned tasks on time. As it could be hard to deploy suitable employees for projects at hand due to visa regulations or other limitations, employees are seconded to organizations such as DMU, where we deploy them on your behalf through a co-employment contract. A qualified legal arrangement is signed until the project is complete.

The term secondment referring to PEO Outsourcing (professional employer organization) supports a company and its employees in a different country or location where a company may not have its presence or cannot directly deploy its employees. The service includes visa processing, relocation logistics, HR / Payroll processing, amongst others to choose from. The company can choose one or more Secondment services depending on its needs.


Multiply your business and spread out partnerships with global companies without nerve-racking legal hassles of resource deployment.


Develop your talent by giving them different roles to learn from without any restrictions on staffing.


Save your money, effort and time by subcontracting legal and financial processes involved during Secondment.

Highly qualified team with minimum 7+ years’ experience

Commitment is in our DNA and we strive to deliver with top quality industry standards

Dedicated Finnish Number to follow your working operations

Excellent Communication Skills

Hands on experience in using Project Management Tools such as Basecamp, Monday, etc.

Cost-Effective practices as followed by Nokia, Kone, Microsoft, Google, SAP, Oracle and many more.

Easily achievable based on Project ETA’s

Security is our Top Focus. We have in house CEH certified resources who ensure secure development practices are followed.

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